Unlearning – the need to emtpy the glass first

The Principle When exiting a strongly manipulative world view or system, we must take some radical steps to clean up the mess before rebuilding. Before we can take in new ideas (truths), we must clear out the old ideas previously […]

How to annotate a non-fiction book

I have read and annotated my books for a long time, but I have always subconsciously been unhappy with the system I developed. So I’ve done some research, and come up with the following system. Feel free to comment on […]

Self-love is not selfish

The Principle Self-love is not always selfish. Healthy self-care is responsible stewardship, not selfish indulgence. The Practice In religious circles, it is often verboten to spend any time in self care, self exploration, self restoration, or self appreciation. “Focus on […]

Resources for Self-Publishing Authors

Here’s my growing list of resources for us self-publishers. Last Update: 01.26.12 Top Self-Publishing Services CreateSpace (Amazon) Lulu Smashwords Self-Publishing Advice New Self-Publisher’s FAQ – 1990’s html, but great content – you must start here. The Easiest, Cheapest, Fastest Way […]

The End of Diplomacy

The Principle If an omniscient God really exists, then he will not be fooled by my pretending to believe. It is better to stop fooling myself and live honestly regarding what is going on in my heart. The Practice You […]

Pensees 03 – T.S. Eliot on Despair

NOTE: This post is part of a series. OK, I admit it, I AM going to blog through Pascal’s Pensees. Here’s another interesting quote by T.S. Eliot from the Introduction to Pensees: His despair, his disillusion, are, however, no illustration of […]

Pensees 01 – T. S. Eliot on Skepticism

 NOTE: This post is part of a series. “For every man who thinks and lives by thought must have his own skepticism, that which stops at the question, that which ends in denial, or that which leads to faith and which […]

Interview: Former Atheist Richard Morgan

At Apologetics315 is the second interview I’ve heard with former atheist Richard Morgan (hear another interview at Unbelievable), and his story is interesting. In the context of this site, what is interesting are the factors that led to his conversion. […]